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Thoughts on today

in 1969 -- it's bloodshed... People of different races look each other with distrust and fear.

in 2010 -- People of different races still look at each other with distrust and fear.

Why some people kept reminding us the tragedy that happened? Using it as a boogeyman story to warn anyone who dare to stir trouble?

We should remember it as it is -- a historical reminder of what can happen if we continue not trusting and believing with each other. A reminder how it would be if we do not give and take. All of us are born Malaysians so why all the malice and judgmental cynical views?

Why can't we just sit down together at the nearest mamak establishment eating Nasi Lemak, Char Kuayteow and Roti Canai while cheering for the Malaysian squad to actually win Thomas Cup again this year?And hope that Lee Chong Wei and co. deliver us the goods and not fumble like they did with Japan.

Which I want to add -- Hafiz Hashim thankyou for not disappointing us but do not even dare to dumble on China game.. Lee Chong Wei -- you are just brilliant. And if we lose the Cup it is not ur fault but it'll be the *toooT *tooT bugger fault.

ok May 13 thoughts aside -- I haven't posted any entries here ever since I got married. Sorry LJ --you got neglected. Oh welll... Can't help it I guess. The other blog is for my more domesticated thoughts... here.. I could just be.. well.. me..After marriage - the kind of thoughts that run in my head were about wedding, house, hubby habits... things I don't think my friends on LJ would appreciate to know... Too much info I guess. But I luv this blog more - cos I think it is wwhat represents me best

Haven't cosplay anymore after Masters started.. seriously my head now is just about work and the new house. But watching the new anime 'Kaicho wa Maid-sama -- I think I want to do Maid version Misa.. LOL Hubby likes the idea... huahahahahaha...

ok... I don't think ppl actually missed me blogging on LJ. Do you?? I do...

My wedding day

I have a million things to share.

The day went off without a hitch though very tiring. Some things did not go according to plan. Some things went perfectly well. And it did not rain.

It all takes one lafaz.. and just like that I am officially his wife.. siap ada temporary marriage license lagi.. huahahaha...

Huggles to Leen my make up extraordinary and gawd... I love the hand bouquet.

Cheers for Fairuz and Hatta - my photographers -- kalau tak cun gambar aku... aku picit picit korang...

Loads of love to my family... I miss you heaps already *spoil sungguh aku merengek time salam my parents and my grandma -- really dah tahan tak nak nangis.. tak nak nagis.. tumpah gak bergelen air mata.. :P

Haven't got the pics from my official photographers. Took these pics off from my fren, deru's facebook.
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Save the date!!!!!!!!!

To all my friends & colleagues etc, if you want to have my wedding invitation, please submit your address and full name and contact number at this page.
Yes, I mean you....
Yes.. you!!! Please click HERE!!!!

Only click if you really really want to come or want the wedding invitation.

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1 week till I am a Mrs

Am I ready?


If my wig arrive in time...

And the wig turned out ok.. and maybe just maybe...
I can do rozen maiden kanariya like finally...

hopefully still can fit the costume -- i think I am getting fat


Wedding is next month..

Moving in together in a months.. should be getting the keys by early next month...

I am starting my cardiac care unit posting under prof..

Exam is 5 months away..

Masters is 7 months away..

Should I start freaking out now?
My parents is expecting me to take care of her. Make sure she eats. Make sure she finds a job. And when I do that, she screams and shout at me back. to hell.
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Happy V-day!

Had an earlier celebration yesterday. Watched 'Slumdog Millionaire' with Saiful and had dinner *luv the tomyam* at Tupai Tupai. Why not today? Well, this stupid girl decided to go to a cardovascular weekend seminar instead.

And she got depressed seeing all the lovey dovey couples *the seminar was at Sunway Convention hall* around Pyramid.

And she lol the fact that she is having a medical course at the very same hall as CF.

And impulsively bought her wedding pendant *because got really good discounts.*


I survived my first oncall in Hosp selayang

.. got 2 hours of sleep and snatches of cat nap here and there.

The list... an acute inferior MI, Right basal ganglia bleed, intubated AEBA, long lists of the endless dengue cases, recurrent colon carcinoma, pleural effusions, hypoglycemias, scores of hyponatremias, septicaemic diabetic with necrotising fascitis, pneumonias...

not bad for a night's work.

Now, let me enjoy my Sunday. :D

What would you do?

If the person that you kind of idolised ended up interviewing you for you Masters programme?

I heard her talk at a HIV course before and was really impressed by her. There were a few big names in Malaysian medical academia and especially in ID medicine that I deeply respected and she is one of them.

I had Professor Dr Adeeba Kamarulzaman, THE Malaysian AIDS council president and the Head of Infectious Disease unit UMMC on my interview panel!!!! I was like... *yikes* Also Prof Dr SP Chan and Prof ST Tan... frankly I was overwhelmed. But I think I did ok.

The ones that got the interview were the ones shortlisted for the Masters seat. It turns out not all was called for an interview. And being called for an interview means that I have a good chance of getting Masters seat.

Prof Tan and Prof Chan warned me that it will be a long programme and asked will my future husband and my extended family support me through out my studies? I had discussed it in length with Saiful and I know that this is a MAJOR undertaking but I am bullish to take it head on. Hopefully I will manage it. I hope...

Hopeful to hear good news soon. :D